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Temporary Protective Orders (TPO)

$800.00 Flat Fee.

No large retainer required. Credit cards accepted.

Nevada Attorney Ryan J. Cann will represent you in court for TPO hearings to fight for your rights. Attorney Ryan J. Cann regularly handles Temporary Protective Order (TPO) cases in Reno and throughout Northern Nevada.

TPO representation.

Experienced and aggressive.


TPO Representation

Nevada Attorney
Ryan J. Cann, Esq.
Cann Family Law 
a practice group of Cann IP Law PLLC

Ryan J. Cann, Esq.

Nevada Attorney

$800.00 Flat Fee.

Fight for your rights.

Experienced and aggressive Temporary Protective Order (TPO) representation.

  • Representing clients in all Northern Nevada courts to fight for their rights in Temporary Protective Order (TPO) cases.  

  • Based in Reno, NV and representing clients in Washoe County courts, plus Douglas County courts, Storey County courts, Lyon County courts, Carson City courts, Churchill County courts, and Pershing County courts*

  • Member of State Bar of Nevada since 2008 (NV Bar. No. 11073).

  • Admitted to practice in all courts of the State of Nevada.

  • Admitted to practice in United States District Court, District of Nevada.

phone:  775-234-3796


Have you received a


If you have received such a TPO and you do not defend yourself at the Extension Hearing, the court will likely decide against you. They will extend your restraining order for up to a year. You may be prohibited from seeing your children and/or your domestic partner, and it will become impossible to reconcile with your family. 

Don't sit back and get steamrolled. 

Fight for your rights.

Step 1 in fighting back:  Call or email TPO attorney Ryan J. Cann for a free consultation. 

email or call 775-234-3796 and mention "TPO"

TPO attorney Ryan J. Cann has had much success defending against extensions of TPOs and other types of protective orders. It is unfortunately the case that many TPOs are filed vindictively, in retaliation, or as an abuse of the domestic violence prevention services provided by the state. But fathers and husbands have substantial rights recognized by Nevada courts. If you believe that you have been unfairly served with a TPO or other restraining order, it is imperative to take the matter seriously and to fight back by demonstrating to the court that you care. 


How can you demonstrate to the court that you care? One, by showing up to your scheduled TPO hearing on time and represented by an experienced attorney. And two, by displaying a positive attitude in your interactions with the court and with the accuser (your spouse).


Every client's situation is different, and so we cannot guarantee any particular outcome. But TPO attorney Ryan J. Cann will fight diligently for your rights as a father and/or husband to end the protective order, so that you can get your life back in order.     775-234-3796

Office at: 

1 East Liberty Street

Suite 600

Reno, Nevada 89501

*Attorney Ryan J. Cann is happy to represent TPO clients in all Northern Nevada courts. For representation outside of Washoe County an additional travel fee of $200.00 will be charged.

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